Benefits of Minimalism and What I Hope to Find

I’m in the initial discard stage of Minimalism. Already, I’m noticing a difference in keeping my closet tidy and I’m finally able to fit all my clothes in the dresser without needing to stuff them in. As nice is this is, they’re rather superficial benefits, and far from the reasons I’m choosing a more minimal life.  

These are some of the bigger benefits I’m hoping to obtain through Minimalism.  

  1. More Time – Work and three kids take up the majority of my time. When I’m not directly busy with one of the above I’m usually indirectly busy through cleaning, cooking or prepping meals, or looking for something that’s lost. I know every day cleaning will never go away, but I am hopeful that it can be greatly reduced. 
  1. Less Stress – I don’t deal with stress well and it is starting to take a toll on my health. I’ll never be able to completely eliminate stress, but if I’m able to cut away even a few of the smaller stressors that add up through the day I’ll be on the right side to progress.  
  1. More Energy – Minimalism might not provide more energy, but instead I’m hoping with more time and less stress it will free energy to spend on what’s really important because let’s face it, as rewarding as decluttering is it is not the end all and be all in life.  

This is just a short wish list and is sure to grow as I make progress. It will be interesting to look back and see if the results I hope to achieve are reached and what other benefits I find with Minimalism.