#2 – A Step in the Right Direction

KTool Journal - Entry 2 - A StepWelcome to the first journaled Optimal Living Challenge!

I had a hard time picking what I wanted to concentrate on. Part of me wanted the challenge to be exciting and life changing, but instead I went for something extremely simple.

What is the 30 day challenge? – walk every day for 20 minutes or more.

Now, before you yawn and close the article ask yourself how often you get outside in the fresh air and just walk. Walking is fantastic. It is great exercise (that is free), you can do it with a friend, you don’t need any equipment (we all have shoes right?), and a twenty-minute stroll can fit into even your busiest day.

So, all I’m asking you to do for the next 30 days is lace up your shoes and go for a walk. There is no need for preparation – you can start now!

I will admit I picked this challenge because it can fit into any schedule and the need for a little exercise and time to clear my head suits my agenda and needs. I have a baby due in two weeks and walking is an activity I can do at the hospital – mind you it will likely be a lot of pacing instead of a leisurely stroll!

Over the next month look for my progress and if you decide to take on this challenge and I’d love to hear how it is working for you.

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