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Ethan Thane, author, writer, optimal living

Ethan Thane, writer, author, optimal living. My name is Ethan. I’m 33, newly married, and have my first child due in March. I graduated from university with an honours degree in English Literature and minor in Sociology. I joined the military reserves at eighteen and been an officer since 2004. After receiving a degree my service went full time until I returned to school to receive my Bachelor of Education.

This past year I spent in limbo working odd days with the army, supply teaching with the hope of getting hired full time, and obtaining the certification to sell real estate. Now, life seems to be picking up speed as I juggle three part-time jobs, while balancing a new family life, with the ultimate goal of forcing my work efforts into a single career.

I just don’t know which one?

My position isn’t surprising or unique. I look around at my friends, family, and peers and its clear life is becoming more difficult. Every day it is harder to get ahead. Personally, I feel I’m treading water; or simply put – going nowhere. The old rules no longer apply and the time has come for change.

I believe the changes I’m looking for will be found in Optimal Living

The purpose of website The Keys to Optimal Living is to assist me in researching, applying, and sharing information on the exciting topic of Optimal Living.

The site is broken into two segments. The main site – The Keys to Optimal Living features the polished essays, reviews, and articles. The secondary blog (and the one I’m most excited for) – A Very Good Year is written in journal form and focuses on my own personal experiences of how the knowledge and techniques I gained from the site has positively affected my own life.

So join me in the exploration of this amazing topic and together we will unlock our maximum potential!