About the Optimal Living Journal

The Optimal Living Journal


is a personal journal accounting my successes, setbacks, obstacles, and triumphs applying the Keys to Optimal Living to my life. Optimal Living is a lifestyle to be practiced, learned, and mastered; it is not an over-night transformation. Change is never easy, but always possible.


My Vision:


I see The Keys of Optimal Living developing into an essential informational site about personal achievement and success, but its development will be somewhat unorthodox. Usually when one starts a website they’re an expert in the topic.


I am not an expert.


Instead this is a site of discovery, learning, and experimentation. I will document the lessons I learn as I progress through the year using and practising the strategies as I discover them. In the most practical means I will share what works and what doesn’t work.


I considered completing the year and turning the lessons into a tidied, edited book, but I knew without support or a deadline I would never get through it. I decided to write as I both plan and work through a self-developed program. So the information you are getting in this section is raw. As the journey progresses I might contradict myself, change my views, and even the entire direction and definition of optimal living. This is part of the learning curve and I’m aware of these dangers, but…


Without some form of danger there is no adventure!