The Walk Challenge – The Benefits of Walking

walk, walking, exercise, calories from walking, walking for exercise, walking stress, challenge, step challengeSpring is here. Finally we can escape the confines of our home and get back outside where we belong. After months of hibernation, we need to shake off some of the cobwebs and start moving. What better way to start then by taking a walk! It wasn’t too long ago (before all our times I’m sure), that if you wanted to get anywhere you walked.  Nowadays, many people (including myself), drive nearly everywhere  (embarrassingly enough, even to a mailbox a mere hundred yards away).  Furthermore, as many of us are chained to a desk, our chances to be active are slim… unless we change our habits!

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#1 – First Entry

Ktool Journal - Entry 1Welcome to the Keys to Optimal Living – a website dedicated to sifting through and testing the abundance of information available on the topic of improving your life, career, and relationships.  I love to read, investigate, and apply what I learn into actionable habits or the new buzzword “life hacks”. Often I find myself reading or listening to a great new idea and think – yes, this could help me – only to forget it quickly and move on to the next book or podcast. This website is my journal into applying what I’m reading and learning – tweaking the information – and then giving you the results to save you time.

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6 AM Challenge – The Benefits of Waking Up Early

morning, wake up, early, early morning

Welcome to the 6 AM Challenge discovering the benefits of waking up early. I have already noted this site is one of exploration, so what better way to test practical strategies than to conduct a new life challenge to learn how to wake up early in the morning. In 2019, a big personal goal is to increase my productivity. A great place to start is to change my morning routine by waking up earlier.

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Rule of Diminishing Returns

diminishing returns, waste, diminish, money, increase, decrease, rule, resultsEarly, in my journey into Optimal Living I took note of a phenomenon called diminishing returns. Diminishing Returns, is an economic term that states – an increase in value due to a single factor (when everything else remains the same) will eventually hit a peak resulting in less proportional value from that point onward.

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Entry #1 – Setting the Stage

notebook, journal, diary, entry, a good year, resolution, goalsThis is my first entry into “A Very Good Year,” a journal account of my year in 2014 practicing the Keys to Optimal Living. First, you might notice that it is still 2013. You caught me. One cannot wait for success, so I’m taking action right away. I’m using the weeks leading up to the New Year to get prepared and to set the stage in the brainstorming and planning of my 2014 resolutions and goals.

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