Creative Intelligence – Be More Creative – CQ

creative intelligence, creativity, business, brain, design, inspirationDo you want to be more creative? What is your creative intelligence? How do you test it? How to you improve your creativity?

As information becomes more easily available and computers are doing more of our thinking for us the ability to remember facts is becoming less important, while the ability to think creatively continues to  be an important asset. What distinguishes great minds is the creative ability to think on your toes and look at problems with a different perspective to figure out innovative solutions. This is Creative IQ.

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Morning Routine – Start Your Morning Right

morning routine, morning, a.m., dawn, wake up, rise,It’s important to start your morning on the right foot. If mornings are stressful you will carry this stress into the rest of your day. Optimal Living is about achieving more and being positive – the best place to start is in the morning. So wake up and start living. The following tips will help you turn your morning routine into a time to relax, while getting you out the door quickly feeling energized, positive, and ready to tackle the day.

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I Can’t Sleep – How to Sleep Deeply

sleep, i can't sleep, sleep deeply, rest, nap, slumberEight hours or a third of your day is spent in bed sleeping. If you’re investing this much time in sleep, let’s make sure it’s quality deep sleep. A lack of sleep can hinder your entire day, creating low energy and negatively affecting your physical and mental health. Quality sleep is one of the biggest indicators for longevity. So if you can’t sleep try these tips on how to sleep deeply and face the day well rested:

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Multipliers – The Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter

multipliers, leadership, leaders, diminishers, geniusBe it at home or in the workplace, we are put in leadership positions all the time. What kind of leader are you? Are you a person others line up to follow or a leader to be avoided? Multipliers – How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter”, by Liz Wiseman, explores the leadership qualities that bring out the greatness, not in us, but in others.  These principles tap into the collective intelligence of groups to produce better results and better employees. The key is the willingness to take a chance and invest in other people.

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