Night Time Routine

sleep, night time routine, routine, night time, prepare for sleep, sleep better, productivityWhat do many high achievers have in common? A productive Night Time Routine that closes their day on a positive note and sets them up for success the following morning. Many people have morning routines due purely to the necessity of time – they are rushed and need to do a number of things before getting out the door. The evening is a little more relaxed (hopefully), but just as important. It’s time you began an evening routine that allows you to unwind, prepares you for a great night’s sleep, and gives you a head start on tomorrow.

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Rule of Diminishing Returns

diminishing returns, waste, diminish, money, increase, decrease, rule, resultsEarly, in my journey into Optimal Living I took note of a phenomenon called diminishing returns. Diminishing Returns, is an economic term that states – an increase in value due to a single factor (when everything else remains the same) will eventually hit a peak resulting in less proportional value from that point onward.

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Morning Routine – Start Your Morning Right

morning routine, morning, a.m., dawn, wake up, rise,It’s important to start your morning on the right foot. If mornings are stressful you will carry this stress into the rest of your day. Optimal Living is about achieving more and being positive – the best place to start is in the morning. So wake up and start living. The following tips will help you turn your morning routine into a time to relax, while getting you out the door quickly feeling energized, positive, and ready to tackle the day.

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Running Errands – Optimal Time Saver

Running Errands, Optimal Time Saver, Productivity, to do listNobody likes to run errands, but they are a necessary part of life. The key is to make them enjoyable instead of painful, while getting them accomplished as quickly as possible. The following are a list of helpful time saving tips to help you get more done in less time!

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