Choosing the Right Goal

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It’s been awhile since I’ve posted on this site and I wanted to tell you why and what I’ve been working on.

At its core this site is about achieving goals and learning the skills, mindset, discipline, routines, etc. that will help you reach your desired outcome. All of these tips and tricks are great and I don’t want to down play them – but they aren’t going to make much difference if you aren’t working towards the right goal.

I looked closely at my life and asked a couple of questions:

  1. Was I working on the right goal?
  2. Was this my goal or someone else’s? (Parents, Spouse, Society)
  3. Was I working on this because I wanted to or because I thought I should be?
  4. What would happen if I didn’t achieve this goal?

After a little soul-searching the answer surprised me.

A little back story: I’ve always wanted to be a writer. There is something special for me about creating something from nothing be it a story, a song, an article, or even a website. I’m attracted to a project where I can pour in sweat and tears, but at the end hold something in my hand (ok can’t really hold a website – or a song for that matter).

The creation of this website goes back years when I was working on a novel. Writing a novel is difficult and takes discipline. The longer the project the greater the motivation needed to succeed. I worked hard on the book and completed a rough draft, in fact I did three drafts. I had a couple of friends read it, but I never sent it out. To be honest it wasn’t very good – but it taught me a lot.

I should have kept working on it, but instead I started blogging, because blogging is writing? Right?

My first intentions with blogging (I had about 5 different ones before landings on KTOOLS) was to start a writer’s blog for my book. I read all the writing magazines and they all said you need to have a “web presence”. So I started learning about blogging and setting up a website to begin showcasing the novel I hadn’t yet finished writing.

I was spending time on the wrong goal, instead of writing my novel (priority goal) I was blogging about writing a book. See the irony?

Besides writing, another passion of mine is music. For a reason I can’t remember now, I stopped playing music in my mid twenties. Later this continued because I never had time with a new family and two jobs. As clichéd as it sounds I felt that something was missing in my life. I always wanted to get back into it, but just couldn’t seem to find the time.

It took a New Years Resolution (they aren’t all bad) to move me to action and on 1 January of 2016 I took out my guitar, dusted it off, and I started playing. More importantly for someone who calls themselves a writer – I started writing. Instead of trying to give advice I tried following my own advice (the 6am Challenge) and started waking up early to get more playing time in before the family woke.

I still have two jobs and two small children (third on the way), but I treat my music time as sacred and the dedication is starting to pay off. I still don’t have much time to play and write, but it’s enough to see small gains – and little steps can compound into big leaps over time. To keep from being distracted (as I was when writing the novel by blogging and social media), I told myself I wouldn’t start recording until I’d written 25 new complete songs. I’ve hit 30 songs now and have started taking the next step by starting to record my work.

I admit my skills in this department are very limited as you will probably notice (you may also notice the same issue with my voice and guitar 🙂 )- but I’m working on these issues and I’m a believer that hard work and dedication can make a difference.

But this article is about goal setting and priority goals, not about me. I’ve been known to be a bit of a train jumper; I’m into music, creative writing, blogging, have two jobs (more by choice than necessity), home renovations, outdoor sports, and finally there is my family. It’s a busy life – and I serve a lot of masters.

A reason I think I’ve stuck with music for this long is it is finally the “right” goal. Sometimes you need to quit and move on from the wrong thing to find the right one. Once you find your “priority goal” you need to work on it everyday, even if it’s a short amount of time. Progress can’t be seen daily, but when you look back you will see the bounds you’ve taken.

So stop and ask yourself – “Am I working on the RIGHT goal?”

Thanks for visiting the site and to answer all those asking where I’ve been? Been writing and recording music – or more better yet – working on my “BIG Goal”.

Here are the first few demo recordings if you’re interested. I hope you enjoy it, please let me know what you think. And please like, comment and share.

Cheers and Thank You!