I Can’t Sleep – How to Sleep Deeply

sleep, i can't sleep, sleep deeply, rest, nap, slumberEight hours or a third of your day is spent in bed sleeping. If you’re investing this much time in sleep, let’s make sure it’s quality deep sleep. A lack of sleep can hinder your entire day, creating low energy and negatively affecting your physical and mental health. Quality sleep is one of the biggest indicators for longevity. So if you can’t sleep try these tips on how to sleep deeply and face the day well rested:

Sleep Tips – How to Sleep Deeply:

Stick to a sleep schedule – get up at the same time every morning (yes, even the weekends). This will ensure you’re tired when you go to bed. Be sure to set enough time for rest. You need 7-8 hours to reach a deep sleep. It can be hard to stick to a sleep schedule. I was forced to get up by getting a puppy. The first few days were rough, but my body quickly adjusted and I started falling asleep faster. Learn more about the benefits of waking up early in the 6 AM Challenge. 

Exercise – Expending energy makes you tired resulting in a deeper sleep. If you spend all your time on the couch, you will build up excess energy that needs to be expelled. Never exercise before bed. It will wake you up and make it harder to fall asleep, give yourself three hours to wind down after a hard workout.

Watch what you eat before bed – There are a number of foods that can aid or hinder your rest. Food containing tryptophan assists in the production of melatonin. These include bananas, peanuts, and milk based products. Avoid food high in protein, sugar, caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol.

I Can’t Sleep!

Avoid naps. Naps can be great, but will make it harder for you to fall asleep later. If you’re going to snooze, go no longer than twenty minutes or you will wake up groggy and more tired.

Reduce Stress. Stress has major negative effects on your body and mind. Start following the stress reducing tips on this site to help you get some shuteye.

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A nap makes it difficult to fall asleep later.

Have a bedtime routine. This can include having tea (caffeine-free of course), washing up, brushing your teeth, listening to calming music, or light reading. Follow this pattern to help your body and mind wind down and prepare for slumber.

Create a morning routine that you want to wake up too! Mornings can be a time of stress or a time for relaxation and productivity. Here are tips to improving your morning routine and start your day right.

Write it down. If something is bothering you write it down. It could be worries or a to-do list for the next day. By writing it down you get it out of your head, which stops you from going over it all night.

Don’t stress if you can’t sleep. If you are fully awake and can’t sleep, get up. It is better to do something relaxing, than twisting and turning in the sheets becoming more frustrated. I use and recommend an alarm clock that only shows the time if you press the button – this stops obsessive clock watching and leads into the next point. If you already have an alarm clock point it against the wall.

The importance of light. Get some sunlight during the day and stay away from it at night. Bright lights at night trick our minds into thinking its day time. This can include staring at a computer screen right before bed. Darker the room the deeper your sleep.

Find out your sleep behaviors. Ask your mate about your tossing, kicking, dreaming, breathing, snoring. You could be suffering from a sleep disorder, disrupting your deep sleep. If this is a possible scenario it is worth talking to your doctor.

What are your sleep patterns?

Relax in the bedroom. Don’t do anything in bed but sex and sleep. Sorry, no television.

Remove the pets. I know this one is hard, but the dog that licks himself or cat that scratches the mattress is ruining your rest, waking you from that deep sleep you’re trying to achieve.

And finally… For a good night’s sleep

Work towards your goals. One of my biggest problems is going to bed frustrated because I feel I “wasted” the day. Working toward goals regardless of what they are provides you a sense of productivity.

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Enjoy your night of deep sleep!

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