The Keys to Optimal Living

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Welcome to the Keys to Optimal Living!


Recently, I had a conversation with a friend discussing New Year’s Resolutions. Like me, he wanted to make changes this year to improve his health, productivity, and career. He tried to sum up his plan, but I saw he had trouble finding the perfect words to describe it.


I said, “Optimal Living?”


Immediately, he knew this was the idea he was looking for and the number one resolution he wanted to work toward. Optimal Living is not a common term, but hearing it creates an instant understanding.


What is Optimal Living?


I decided to try and define optimal living. First I asked Google and found no answers, so I turned to Wikipedia, but again was disappointed. Nothing came up at or Webster’s. It was up to me to define Optimal Living.


Optimal Living is achieving a balanced lifestyle that complements your goals and desires.


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I will not stand on a soapbox to declare there is only one way to live optimally. This would be presumptuous and more importantly false. Optimal living is about discovering who you are, what you desire, and then developing the necessary knowledge, tools, and skills to achieve your goals.

I have been pondering The Keys of Optimal Living for years, but have finally separated and recorded the essential points. Each key is separate from the others, but all work together to bring balance and success to your life:




The Keys to Optimal Living



Optimal Energy is created by the synergy of your body, mind, and heart.   This element of Optimal Living is what fuels all the others.  These three essential elements can all be exercised in their own ways through exercise, healthy nutrition, meditation, relaxation, and loving relationships. Like the points of a triangle, your body, mind, and heart must be equalized to create a balanced life.



What do you want out of life? How well do you know yourself? By looking at yourself objectively you will be able to discover your strengths and weaknesses and transfer those skills into goals and plans.  There is more to goal setting than simply making a list, creating realistic and SMART goals propels you toward achieving your desires and detailed plans are what get you there. The next step, is taking ACTION! The combination of motivation and discipline keep you moving toward success. Remember the perfect plan will always fail if you don’t take action.



All of this has to be for something! The Optimal Lifestyle focuses on what you enjoy and are striving for. This is what you do with your day, how you spend your leisure time, and who you spend it with. This Key to Optimal Living incorporates your lifestyle and play time.



It is the relationships in our lives which truly make us rich and happy.  People are not solitary creatures; your life, experiences, joys, and sorrows will be shared by family, friends, acquaintances, and even strangers. Knowing how to communicate with people and having a deep understanding of different relationship dynamics will strengthen your social bonds. At the end of the day, it is the people in your life that will bring you the greatest joy. Consider this your personal charm school.



This key to optimal living is made up of time management, organization, good habits, and money. Efficient time management gives you the ability to work on your goals. There are many distractions in life and learning what to prioritize is a skill. Organization saves you time, hassle, and stress. Productive habits include creating positive routines and lifestyles that work with your goals and not against them. Money is a source of wealth, but it also has the ability to expend or save you time and energy, the key is to think of it as another resource assisting you toward your goals.



Your career is a part of life and something you can be proud of. Did you know there is a way to work optimally! Working focuses on bringing simplicity and balance to your work life. You will spend half your waking day at the office – so learn to enjoy it by finding purpose in each work day.



How do you view the world? Do you see it as an insurmountable obstacle or as a challenge to be overcome? Optimists see the good in all situations. Depression and negativity are ways of thinking that create stress, expend energy, and bring nothing of value to your life. The good news is there are many ways to change your thought patterns and develop a positive mind set. Believe in the concept of continual growth as you search for wisdom, experience, and mastery. Never stop learning, be like a child, use your imagination, and fully experience the world. Finally, be aware of the connections, because everything is connected.


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Life Challenges


Improving positive qualities and things that are good for you aren’t always fun. The Keys to Optimal Living presents a number of exciting new challenges to complete and conquer. Nothing of value ever came easy; each experiment will put you to the test. Setting detailed goals will help you achieve the difficulty of the tests and trials, while bringing you great positive rewards, higher self-confidence, and even lead to the discovery of some hidden strengths. The tasks range in difficulty and extend from 90 to 30 day challenges. The positive benefits of accomplishing each task are listed and so are the simple steps to success. Dare to start a challenge today!

All the Keys of Optimal Living worth together to create a larger whole.


Is Optimal Living For Me?


Yes, it is! There is never a single “right way” to do something; Optimal Living is about finding the “best way” for you. It is a personal choice. You decide on the intensity of any changes. You audit the different areas of your life to decide what is working, what needs improvement, and what can stay the same.


The Keys to Optimal Living give you the map and compass, but you decide where to go.


Optimal Living is built around goals, so it will be different for everyone and there is no set priority or rank structure for the key principles. One of my main goals this year is to regain financial stability by starting a new business. The other side of the coin is I want to achieve this goal without the determent to the other parts of my life. Goals do not work in a vacuum; it is a busy year for me, I’m starting a new business (while still at my old job), having a baby, selling a house… the list keeps going on, so sacrificing one goal for another is not an option. Therefore, one of my primary keys is productivity because with a busy schedule and many changes I need to save time, energy, and money.


Will I forget the other keys as I work on my productivity?


No, because all the Keys to Optimal Living are important and connected. The good news is becoming more efficient in one key complements all the others. When one stock rises, they all do. Every Key of Optimal Living is important, but certain ones will resonate deeper with you on a personal level depending on your situation and goals. These will be your primary keys and the first you will want to focus on. Priorities and goals change and so will your attention, be fluid and become familiar with all the keys to improve each area of your life because the sum is greater than the parts.


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The Optimal Living bottom line – work toward continual improvement.


The Keys to Optimal Living – unlock your maximum potential.


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