Optimal Philosophy

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optimism, happy, happiness, peace, security, sky, sky and water.You are in control of your life


How do you view the world? Do you see it as an insurmountable obstacle or as a challenge waiting to be overcome? Optimal Philosophy is about creating a positive attitude and outlook for the world and your life. The key of Vitality looks at ways of improving your mind, in this section we concentrate on your thoughts and ways of thinking. Your brain is an amazing organ and even your thought patterns can be changed for the better. Our philosophy is simple – doing things you enjoy will improve the happiness of your life. Because in the end our ultimate goal is to be happy.


The Optimal Living Philosophy consists of Values and Beliefs, Optimism, Happiness, Simplicity, Finding Balance, Continual Growth, and Connections.


Optimal Philosophy


Values and Beliefs


What are your values and beliefs? Do they parallel your goals and desires or contradict them? Optimal Philosophy examines these ideas to help you understand what is holding you back from reaching your full potential. Values and beliefs are not set in stone, but can be changed to better fit with your goals and lifestyle. No, I’m not talking about religious beliefs, but instead the limiting thoughts and attitudes shaping your reality. Do you see yourself as a victim controlled by society or are you the master of your own fate. What is your role? What is your ultimate purpose? Do your beliefs and wishes complement or contradict each other? It is time to take the world by the horns and demand more from life and yourself.


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Optimists find the good in all situations. Depression and negative thinking create stress, expend energy, and brings nothing of value to your life. The good news is there are many ways to change your thought patterns and develop a positive mind set to improve your optimism and positive thinking. Our attempt here at the Keys to Optimal Living is to explore Optimism to improve your outlook without the rose coloured glasses. Optimists try harder because they know they will be successful. We could all be a little more optimistic.


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Happiness and optimism are not the same. Happiness and joy are the feelings of contentment we are all trying to achieve. What makes you happy? No, what really makes you content? Have you ever thought about it? You may be surprised at what you find. Wealth, money, and fame do not create happiness, but they can help. Often cheerfulness is found in your everyday life. Your job is to start being aware of these moments and be grateful for them. At the moment many studies are being conducted on happiness – we will use this research to our advantages and help put a smile on our faces.


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Continual Growth


At the Keys to Optimal Living we believe in the concept of continual growth in the search for wisdom, experience, and mastery. Never stop learning, be like a child, use your imagination, and fully experience the world. Wisdom is a key to success and happiness. Learning does not always have to be about self improvement or have a purpose. Investigate what you enjoy. Follow your curiosity and see where it leads. Having a deep knowledge base will improve all aspects of your life.




Are you familiar with the KISS Formula or better know as Keep it Simple Stupid.  Life has become so complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. There are so many joys in the simple things of life; we have just forgotten to notice them. The idea of simplicity will resonate deeply through this site as the tips we provide and the challenges undertaken are not complicated. This is what makes them achievable and enjoyable.


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An optimal life is a balanced life. People are pulled in so many different directions that it is important to step back to prioritize your energy and time to what matters most. If you make a million dollars a year that is great, but if you lose your family, relationships, and health in the process is it really worth it? Unfortunately life is complex, but most of the time this is created by your own doing. There are ten Keys to Optimal Living, one is not more important than another, it is achieving balance that will keep them all functioning at a peak level. For me, balance will be hard to achieve. Figuring out your priorities is the first step and making time for each one is the next.




Be aware of the everyday connections, because everything is connected. The benefits the Keys to Optimal Living presents are increasing your successes in all areas of life. As each element of your life is connected, improving one part of your life will also enhance the others. Need an example, let’s look at money. You may think money has no place in optimal living, but you are wrong. It just needs to be invested the right way. Earning more money can be an excuse to buy a flasher car, but your new wealth is a resource that can be traded for time. You could use the money to hire an assistant or housekeeper – freeing up your time to spend on something important like your family. As this site matures more and more connection will become apparent.


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Here at Keys to Optimal Living Philosophy is an exciting idea I’m excited to explore. This key sets up a positive state of mind to help you on your journey. The benefits found here in philosophy may not seem immediately clear, but will provide paybacks you will carry with you for life.


So smile and be happy


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