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success, achievement, optimal living, goals, plans, confidence, mentor

success, achievement, optimal living, goals, plans, confidence, mentorSuccess drives us…


But at Keys to Optimal Living success is more than just winning. Success is about recognizing what your own personal achievement and desires looks like to ensure you are chasing the right goals. Do you want to build your own company, run a marathon, or have a family? Don’t be fooled into thinking more money, a sports car or a bigger house automatically makes you successful. Creating personal success is an individual, lifelong achievement. As you age your goals and priorities will change with you. Here are the keys to Optimal Success:



Optimal Success


Know Yourself


Self-awareness is critical in discovering what you want out of life. How well do you know yourself? The first step is to look at yourself objectively and start answering the following questions: What do you really want out of life? What are your strengths and weakness – How can these be best utilized? What assets do you already possess and what do you require to achieve your goals? What makes you happy?


Take the time to deeply ponder and brainstorm these ideas. Write a story of what you think your perfect life would be like. How might this ideal change over the years. What do you want written on your tombstone? Sounds morbid maybe, but the exercise will get you thinking. Make lists and prioritize the results. Group your answers, add to them, and remove any added that are goals other people have for you. This information is for you and you alone.



Specific Goals



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Creating specific goals is more than writing a list on a piece of paper. Objectives are more than a to-do list. Goal setting allows you the opportunity to make dreams into a reality. Targets provide you a driving purpose and help you discover what is important and must be prioritized. There are 24 hours in the day and only so much energy and time can be invested into your objectives. This is why it is important to start your journey to success in the right direction and choose your goals wisely the first time. Your aims are your own and not to be decided for you by someone else.



Do you know where you’re going? Start creating goals.


The importance of knowing what you want in life is essential to success because without knowing the end point, how can you set out to get there? To be productive you must know what you are working towards, and for this you need to start creating goals.


Do you have goals? Do you write them down? Take some time and follow these steps to creating goals for your life. These objectives can be short or long term, the important thing is to write them down and be mentally aware of them.



Simple Steps to Creating Goals



1. What do you want? – Figure out exactly what you want, you should already have an idea from the self-awareness exercises above.  Use lists, a ranking system, brainstorm, anything to come up with your priority goals. The important thing is to write them down. When you write it down you are taking the first step in turning intentions into a reality.


2. Create a deadline – Be moved by a sense of urgency. By putting a deadline on your goal you are giving it an expiry date that can motivate you to start working towards that end. Without a deadline the goal becomes too entangled in an unknown future and becomes easily put off. Pressure can be a good thing, creating a challenge for you to accomplish.


3. Break it down into steps. Targets can be small or can be epic, but even the largest goal can become manageable when broken down into smaller steps. Make a list of all the steps that must be accomplished in the pursuit of your aim. Remember that the work is in the details. Figure out exactly what must be accomplished at each interval.


Remember – If you don’t know where you want to be, how will you ever get there? Creating goals gives you the map you need to reach your destination.


planning, plans, goals, success, future, desires

Detailed Plans


Now that you know what you want, you will need a detailed plan to get there. Planning is the next important step and where you will make the greatest strides forward if you plan correctly. Time in the planning phase is seldom wasted.  The more detailed and specific your ideas and plans the better the outcome. Create simple detailed step by step instructions to guide you toward your goals and objectives. Think beyond the box – What problems or roadblocks might you face? Can you take proactive solutions now to prepare? Your plan can take many forms. You can create an activity web, a procedural checklist, anything that organizes the information for you.




Take Action now! A great plan will get you nowhere if you are not willing to take the first step. Taking action involves learning discipline, staying motivated and inspired, and conquering the fears that hold you back from your desires. Remember the perfect plan will always fail if you don’t take action. Start working toward your goal right away, don’t wait. People can get caught up in the planning and preparation of a goal that they lose the motivation to start working toward it. This is the crucial step.


Start your Action Plan Today!




Do you believe you will be successful? Confidence is the ability to believe in yourself and that your goals can be achieved. Confidence levels rise and fall depending on the tasks at hand, but there are many strategies and exercises, which can help raise your confidence to astonishing heights. Confidence is not given, it must be earned. Poise is an internal characteristic that other people have the ability to see. It is portrayed by demeanour and an assurance in your own aptitude.





Self-management keeps you going toward your goals once you start. There are many terms that fit this be it motivation, discipline, or inspiration. Whatever you want to call it, the key to achieving success is making victory a priority. Luck may always be a factor, but in the end, achievement comes down to hard work. Are you disciplined, resilient, and hardworking enough to obtain your desires?


Work on your goals everyday – Find the time to work toward your goals every day. If you write only one page a day, you will still have written a book at the end of the year. But you don’t have any time? Look what working on your goals for only thirty minutes can quickly add up too!


The perfect time is always NOW.


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The key to optimal success is to always be moving forward- even the smallest steps toward your goals get you closer to victory.


The principles of Optimal Success will drive you to victory!



I’m interested in hearing about your goals, plans, and how they are being achieved. Please comment below or send me an email at keytooptimalliving@gmail.com.  I want to hear about your success!



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