What is Holding You Hostage?

Do you ever feel trapped or overwhelmed? Feel hindered by the weight of pressures and responsibilities?

How much of these burdens did you choose for yourself?

The difficulties of life have a way of creeping up on us, but if we’re willing to look deep into our problems it becomes clear many these issues are a by-product of our own past decisions.

There will always be examples due to genetics, luck, or circumstances that you can’t control, but lets forget about these cases for a moment and only focus on what you do have control over. The reason for this exercise is to see that your position isn’t as dyer as you may think and that it is YOU and your fear holding yourself back. Sometimes we are the wardens of our own problems and won’t let ourselves escape.

If you believe this may be you then ask yourself a few clarifying questions:

Why does your life need to move so fast? Are you taking too much on or are you trying to keep up with someone else? Maybe this “someone” isn’t actually a person, but instead the best attributes of all the people you know, or worse, celebrities and influencers you see on television or social media. Stop comparing yourself to a false reality you can’t beat, instead compare yourself to yourself. If you are better today than yesterday you are making progress.

Why do you need to earn so much money? If you are living under the pressure of incredible debt, then examine why this debt exists. Was it accumulated on needless things to keep up with the Jones’s or perhaps that expensive house you bought not for function or desire, but to impress others. Start questioning “why” you are doing things.

Are you working towards accomplishments that you want or what others want for you? There is a lot of pressure put on people by parents and society to do things and live a certain way. There is no one way to live and not everyone wants that large house with the white picket fence. This is ok, stop chasing what you think you should and instead focus on what you want. Maybe you won’t make as much money or have that title to make your parents proud, but instead you might be happy.

So I’ll ask you again – what is keeping you hostage? A big house. A flashy car. A high paying job you hate but can’t leave because of that big house? It is always worth looking back and deconstructing the root of a problem as only then can you start working on the right solution.

So take a good look at your own life to start identifying which parts you are doing for you and which actions you are taking to please the faceless stranger we call society.